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Are you in pain?

Being in pain is not conducive to long term health. In fact, being on pain medication long term can be damaging to vital organs in your body.

Professional Scenar Therapy done by an experienced Scenar practitioner using a RITM Scenar Device can help in 90% of cases reduce or eliminate pain. In most instances, pain can be managed drug free and non invasively, with a device developed for the Russian Space Program by RITM OKB ZAO.

How well does your Lymphatic System function?

It is part of your immune system, assists in digestive processes, regulates fluid balance in the tissue and has the job to remove organic and inorganic waste and cellular debris!

If you simply want to give your lymphatic system a boost or help your body with recovery after surgery, chemotherapy and radiation,  this well researched and relaxing lymphatic drainage technique may be for you.

Space Age Healing

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Suffering from Chronic Pain

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Benefits of Oncology Massage

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